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Bungie Accidentally Enables Cross Play Early With Destiny 2's Latest Season Launch

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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This week saw the launch of Destiny 2's latest season, Season of the Splicer. While many were expecting the grind that comes with Destiny content, many didn't expect another feature being turned on by Bungie on accident: cross play.

We know that cross play is coming this year for Destiny 2, it's not quite the time for it just yet. Among a myriad of issues with the launch, cross play was accidentally enabled by Bungie, allowing PC, Windows and Stadia players to join in on Crucible matches and Strikes.

Bungie confirmed the mistake, stating that it wasn't "meant to be live yet," via Bungie's lead community manager on Twitter.

For now, players can take part in the cross play feature, though Bungie does warn it's "not representative of the full experience," though it will be disabled later on this week. Bungie is planning on releasing cross play later this year, so this is a fun little sneak preview of the feature at least, esepcially for those who have clans with members across a multitude of platforms.

Destiny 2's latest season, Season of the Splicer, is now live and will see players able to jump back into one of the series' best raids, Vault of Glass, later this month. Destiny's controversial transmog system also went live with this new season, as well as a new six-player Override activity.


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