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Building a Mighty Fortress - Learn How in New Blog

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The Dark & Light site has been updated with a brief look at how construction of bases will take place in the game. According to the blog, a based can be constructed nearly anywhere in the world provided the right materials are collected in sufficient quantity.

Players will be collecting materials such as straw, wood, stone and for the more advanced, metal or even stronger magical materials.

Those without the construction bent can buy a home in a starter city, though the caveat is that even cities aren't immune to attack or destruction. Players will need to work cooperatively to maintain the city's defenses.

Building large fortresses requires a lot of resources, so it’s important to be strategic with your building plans. Players can craft cheap “preview” materials that can be used to to construct full-sized models before placing any real materials. It’s possible to build almost anywhere in the world, provided that the ground is flat and the structure is not too close to another player's building to avoid overcrowding and griefing by blocking off another player’s construction area.

Read the full post on the Dark & Light site.


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