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Browser-Based Flyff Universe Taking Pre-Registrations Ahead of Global Launch, With 'Pay to Earn' Version Coming

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Flyff Universe is an upcoming browser-based entry in the Flyff series. Functionally, it serves as a followup and a eboot of the original Flyff (Fly for Fun). Developer Gala Lab released early access in Southeast Asia, with pre-registration opening for the global version as well. Community feedback to the announcement has been mixed, especially when it comes to monetization and the plan that could see a different, “play to earn” version released down the line.

Playable through a browser, with no client needed, Flyff Universe will take you into the world of Madrigal. Classes and leveling, as well as other aspects of progression have been updated, while still maintaining a hefty dose of nostalgia. You can journey through the various continents and challenges, earning rewards, and other familiar activities in what Gala is calling “an enhanced old school remake built on modern technology” and “an enhanced version of your favorite childhood game”. It’s pretty clear who they’re targeting with this release, as players that remember the original Flyff might return out of curiosity and nostalgia, while others might try it out for the simplicity and ease of access.

The early access version on Southeast Asia servers is currently live and you can start there to get a taste, but a global release is coming and you can currently pre-register on the game’s official site. The pre-registration campaign does have a series of marks to meet that will unlock more rewards with more interest.

As it goes with free to play games, they say that the cash shop will be cosmetic and avoid pay to win, but some who have looked into it have found some contradictions there. On Reddit, someone discovered a scroll you can buy that grants a massive XP boost over its 30-day duration. 

There’s also word directly from Gala Lab itself that they’re planning a separate release that will be a “play to earn” game. There aren’t many details yet on how this will work, but it was disclosed in a recent financial report.

For more on Flyff Universe, and to pre-register, you can head to the official site.


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