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Broken Ranks Updates Roadmap Through Q2 2023, Promises Balance and Gear Changes, Mobile Version Tests

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Broken Ranks has a new updated roadmap covering the rest of 2022 and the first two quarters of 2023, including developer Whitemoon Games’ early plans for an upcoming mobile version of the game.

Since its release earlier this year, the initial roadmap  has been steadily seeing its plans rolled out in the game, from new content and monsters, to practical features like adding an operational marketplace.

The updated roadmap takes into account a number of community requests and much feedback, which has led to pushing back the upcoming guild update and guild wars in favor of overhauling the current PvP system to improve its appeal and functionality. There will be balance changes in addition, with the PvE professions getting an important balance pass sooner rather than later. 

These balance changes stem from feedback on party difficulties and and overall issues, so this effort will thus push the team’s dungeon map changes into the background for a bit. “In the first instance the changes will affect the barbarian and the knight. We want the gameplay, in the context of character classes, to be more balanced and, at the same time, engaging for each of them,” the team says.

Gear is another important matter. With class balance changes and PvP fixes taking precedence, it only makes sense that gear rebalancing is also coming. New epic items will get pushed into Q1 2023 though, as a result, but the result should be gear that’s better for the rebalanced classes and compatible with other updated gear. 

So what else can we expect this year? This quarter, expect the class balancing to start, several new high level quests, a level 70 boss instance with quest, the addition of a recruit a friend system, new weapon skins, and other fixes. Q4 will feature two winter events, the start of the PvP system changes, the start of Act 3 of the story, and the start of gear reform.

In early 2023, they plan a new area, new sidequests, pet skins, new high level instances, more of the main storyline, and those new epics. Finally, in Q2 od 2023, the mobile version will begin testing, guild wars will arrive, the PvE class balance continues, and a daily activities system, among other changes.

Read the full update, and see the updated roadmap over at Broken Ranks.


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