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Broken Ranks PvP Rework is Live, Along With a New Instance and Boss, and a Holiday Event

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There's a new update from  Broken Ranks that closes out the year with a holiday event, a PVP rework, and a brand-new instance and new boss.

One of the major parts of this update is the PVP system rework. Some of these changes were intended to come earlier, but the team has devoted their energy to working on this system after feedback showed that the previous system (before this update) was just not holding players. So changing this became a solid priority. 

In this update, the new system is now based around three factions, the Unionists, Free Spirits, and Rogues. Unionists want “all the Taernians to unite and aren't afraid to use force to achieve their goals”, while Free Spirits “enjoy combat, but they do it mostly for sport and self-improvement. And also to make the Unionists and Rogues leave them alone”. The Rogues are self-interested and lawless, and don’t care to fight for Taern You can choose one of these factions to set yourself up for PVP, and you can change your faction when you want to if the one you pick doesn't suit you. Even if you join a faction, there will be a peaceful mode available that you can switch on.

If you're looking for another challenge the Aqua Regis lair is also live in this update. One of those mysterious threats that people are whispering about is out there, and there’s something about a laboratory. Someone will need to investigate this, and of course it's you. Get yourself down to the bottom of the laboratory if you can and take on the evil at the bottom.  getting yourself to the bottom of the location won't be easy, because you'll face the  enemies that represent people who were experimented on, as well as assistance and workers that were part of the lore of the lab.

Broken Ranks’ holiday event is the first one, and it sets up a conflict between Old Father Winter and Santa Claus. There will be special tasks to complete, and you’ll be able to walk away with some loot. Because of the conflict, the event opponents on the map will drop hats or stars and you can exchange those for boxes containing useful prizes.

For more on the update, head to Broken Ranks.


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