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Broken Ranks Previews New Difficulty Levels, QoL Changes, and Fairer Loot Drops on the Way

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Broken Ranks will get a new update soon to add new features, additional difficulty levels for instances, fixes, and improvements.

The patch is coming next week and will feature difficulty levels and changes for several of the boss instances, including Tower, Puppet Master, Tit, and Castle Specter. Those will now come in Path of Discovery and Challenge, while  Ivravul, Draugul, and Admiral will be in Path of Challenge. These changes come  in the form of adjustments to mechanics as well as some of the new challenges to add three difficulty levels. 

The Admiral instance also gets a significant change, since the way to reach the boss won't be up to you anymore. when you open the gate to the upper deck, new mechanics mean that the party will go in a specific Direction depending on the circumstances.

Overall, these are looking to add some changes and some additional strategy, as well as testing your ability to pivot on the fly.

When the update arrives we can also expect a series of smaller fixes and features. some of these are purely quality of life changes, like the ability to stock premium Buffs, as in the marketplace or the pet store, that's coming. there will be a notification icon at the marketplace when you  sell an item. Cells will charge faster. You'll get character previews when you do things like change your character’s sex. When you are moving only one item, you don't have to deal with the quantity select menu anymore. Some of these are minor, but they'll still save time,and streamline some things.

One major change is coming to how loot works in the Tarul instance. The values of items in the drop will change  and loot distribution among parties will be done in a fairer way.  The team is also teasing the arrival of things like mob events in the world thanks to some tools that they are planning to release that can change the lightning in maps.

Read the preview at Broken Ranks.


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