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Broken Ranks Lets You Choose Your Own Quest Reward in The Bunny Marathon Event

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If you’ve been looking for something new to do in Broken Ranks, maybe a 72-hour special event is just what you needed. The Bunny Marathon begins tomorrow at 9AM CEST / 3AM EDT and runs just through April 19th.  During the event, you'll have the opportunity to get a special untradeable skin that will only be available during the event.

The world will be full of Easter eggs, which you can collect in order to complete tasks. Log in during the event to accept a special quest. Event tasks will reward you with things like bonus XP, pet experience, and gold, and what you get will be your choice. There are different tasks for different level ranges to make everything appropriately rewarding. 

That special untradable skin you’ll have a chance to get is called the Bony Cony Kicks legguards skin. In order to get it, you’ll have to complete 10 tasks and get a fragment from doing each one. You’ll be able to make a formula for the legguards this way. You’ll need some time to get this done, as tasks can only be done one every 80 minutes.

There will also be some event mobs around that you can slay for more reward. These include Chickenpoxes and Lambdas, and there’s also a champion Slaughter Lamb. Take this one down for chances at dielectrics and reols. If you collect enough Easter eggs, there are a few uses for them. One involves material for the legguards skin. They may contain white items to equip or sell. Finally, you’ll be able to trade eggs with a special NPC, Poolo Cohello, who will spawn after the event. This NPC will let you trade in your eggs for random items. 

For more on The Bunny Marathon, tasks and locations, and skin updates, see the announcement over at Broken Ranks.


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