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Broken Ranks Launches With Servers Crushed Under Demand, But Whitemoon Has Fixed Most Issues

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Yesterday's launch of Broken Ranks was, according to developer Whitemoon Games, “a rough start“. Demand was so high, defying the company’s expectations, that server instability, errors, paused updates, and crashes were what many players were left seeing. The devs found the issues responsible and have been working to stabilize the servers since, stating that they are much more stable now and updates should be able to progress.

Broken Ranks is a new isometric MMORPG featuring strategic combat, a flexible progression system, and an economy that puts players more in control.

We know it’s not uncommon for a new MMORPG launch to be marked by some issues, and even login issues or crashes. The development team, as in much bigger games before it like Final Fantasy XIV or Diablo II, are experiencing the problems with success, and on a smaller independent team, it’s highly disruptive. At some point, for many players the game just stopped updating, but after a lot of work, the team seems to have identified the issue and fix it.

Some players had their IPs banned by mistake, which the company is reversing on request. They were able to stabilize the servers, from download server to live server and anyone who does want to join now should have a smoother path to download and update on their way to beginning their journey.

As for those who still need to access the game and update it first, restarting the client or checking the file integrity should help with anyone whose updates were stuck. The team also knows that there were issues with buying platinum and will work to restore everyone’s purchases.

For more on Broken Ranks, you can check the game's official site. For more on the server issues and updates, the team is mostly focusing on tweeting updates to let people know what’s going on.


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