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Broken Ranks is Launching in January on PC, Cross-Platform to Follow

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Broken Ranks, an upcoming low fantasy MMORPG from developer Whitemoon games will be launching in January. With a firm date yet to be announced, the team decided on January due to a busy final months of the year for the MMO space.

The game features an open world with nonlinear story and turn-based combat. Take on the role of a refugee looking for a place in the world and seek revenge on the reason for these personal circumstances in this new brutal reality full of challenges. Players can adventure and explore alone or in a party, and while PC  will be the first platform for the January launch, there’s a desire to bring it to mobile for cross-platform play later.

Whether in PVE or in the featured PVP, all combat is turn-based and you have 10 seconds to choose your next move. Both parties have to choose during the same 10 second time during PVP. When you are adventuring around the world fighting off enemies, you still get that limited window to pick your move, so it’s all up to you but you have to understand your strategy and your class.

Broken Ranks will be free to play with a cosmetics cash shop, and Whitemoon is looking out for those cautious about some kind of pay to win element, claiming their system got favorable feedback from the community in testing, and they’re moving forward with it for launch.  When it comes to gear and functional items, those will come the more traditional way via boss and mob drops, as well as player trading and crafting. 

The premium shop currency is designed to be tradeable, so it should give players more options. The element of player economy impact could mean you got something cool you can’t use and know you can trade it for premium currency to another player.

For more details on the upcoming launch, see the Broken Ranks site.


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