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Broken Ranks Gets Its First of Many Planned Events, Starting With Valentine's Day

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Broken Ranks is getting its first event, and the dark and dangerous world will be getting a little love temporarily. The Valentine’s Day event is on now, and will feature a grand party at the de Vries Estate. And guess who gets to help out with it.

If you want to participate in the event, you’ll only be able to do so with one of the characters on your account, so choose wisely. Go and find the Administrator of the de Vries Estate for your character level range and he’ll let you know that the event he’s planning will need someone to help him out with the planning and organization. At least, that’s how it starts. If you choose to complete the tasks, you’ll walk away with a new Valentine’s skin for your boots. This event will be the only way to obtain the Trysts skin, so if you want it, you’d best get to party organization.

And the giving aspect of Valentine’s Day hasn’t been forgotten, as the main quest will also give you a bouquet of red roses and a love letter to give to someone special. But there are other opportunities for rewards by talking to the Quartermaster. These rewards are somewhat determined by your character level, but include upgrade flasks, psycho exp, essences, and Emperors. Higher level characters (50-140) have a shot at even more rewards from this opportunity. 

The event will run through February 21st at 10 AM CET, and is planned as the first of many planned repeatable events from the Whitemoon Games team. With the transition over from the Price of Taern, Whitemoon is also bringing back Valentine’s skins from that game in Broken Ranks, and refreshing the returning items with new armor. These skins will be available in the shop during the event period. However, the team has also released a way to ‘morph’ your appearance using a new system that lets you apply purchased and event skins to your gear and weapons.

For details on the event, see the announcement at Broken Ranks.


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