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Broken Ranks Finally Adding a Marketplace to Its Player-Driven Economy In Tomorrow's Update

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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With Broken Ranks developer Whitemoon Games having decided to make in-game items, even premium items, tradable under a player-driven economy, there was one thing missing: a marketplace. The game's latest update will be out tomorrow and the centerpiece of the patch will be the introduction of that marketplace.

Until this point, trading in the player driven-economy was functional in that but players needed to sell things via chat. The new trading system and marketplace will let players trade and sell easily. It will work similarly to most games where you have a fee for putting an item up for sale and a commission when you sell it. Given that things you can earn or buy, you can sell if you want to, this will be a significant update. Platinum, for instance, the premium currency, is also something you can trade, so easier deals should be a boost. This is another mark on the roadmap that the team released earlier in the year.

Also in the update is a brand new quest. Called Infiltration, this is  a quest for level 84 and above. There’s a new skin set called Plague Doctor, with a full set, including helmet, legguards, body armor, boots, cape, and staff, in four color options for both male and female characters.

Other changes in this patch and in recent updates include graphical improvements, like a new Wendigo model and new textures for Nightmare. The patch also introduced new mob avatars and improved textures and visuals for mobs that are based on Wraith. 

Most of the rest of this particular update are practical changes and improvements, alongside some bug fixes. Gear ranks get an optimization tweak and there are changes to things like upgrade flasks and inhibitors, changing size or applying an adjustment to character level on items.

For the full changes, see the patch notes for tomorrow’s update over at Broken Ranks.


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