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Broken Ranks Client is Up for Download, as Whitemoon Details Monetization and Launch Server Plans

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Ahead of its January 25th launch, the Broken Ranks client is up for download, as developer Whitemoon Games announces the plans for launch servers and outlines its monetization plans further.

The servers will open next week in English, German, French, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese with each language having at least one new server for everyone to start together. Whitemoon will transfer the Pride of Taern servers too if you already have an account in that game you'll be able to continue on your home server. 

Broken Ranks is set to have an economy with access to the game available for free players with platinum, the premium currency, also being tradable. The team broke down what monetization options will look like as well as the different types of currency and options they'll bring you.

Platinum, the premium currency, will be used for things like name changes, avatar changes, cosmetics like pet skins, attribute and skill resets, upgrading your storage, and changing your avatar. Some pets will be available for gold and others will involve premium currency or trading by other players.  

When it comes to gear, it exists in several categories: Epics, Psychorares, Rares, Sets, Synergetics, and normal items. Those first five types are only obtainable by playing, defeating bosses and special mobs. Because of the nature of the economy, if someone loots some of these items and wants to sell them to you, if you have the right currency for the seller, you just might be in luck.

Gear skin cosmetics  are also for platinum, and there may be event skins or additional special releases. Also to upgrade and repair your gear, but the NPC will charge you in gold or you can make gold & platinum combo payments. The good thing is your gear won’t break in combat so if you loot something that's in need of fixing, you only have to do it once. 

See the full details  for more on the monetization in Broken Ranks.


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