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Broken Ranks Celebrates First Anniversary With 2022 Stats, Free Premium and Events

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 Broken Ranks is marking its first anniversary today, with some new statistics about the first year in service, some new events, a free week of premium, and events.

Whitemoon Games acknowledges it was missing some features when it launched. One was a marketplace. Player trading had to happen in chat and PMs. Not too secure. Eventually, in June, the team put in a Marketplace to make trade much easier.

According to the anniversary stats, which rely on data through January 19th, 2023, the community has played a total of 12.4 million Collective hours, with the most popular classes being fire mage, barbarian, and druid. everyone has created over 4 million flasks and completed over 6.6 million tasks. over 4 million quests were also completed over the first year,  and everyone collectively earned 1.86 trillion XP. When it comes to factions, the distribution is fairly similar, with about a third of players in each faction. 

Four dungeons and new bosses were added throughout the year, new loot and quests to go along with them, story and lore updates, and more. These content updates also expanded the lore and accompanied functional updates like Guild land, and the first part of the achievement system, alongside the PVP Arena, and more. 

Near the end of 2022, Whitemoon Games announced a delay on some roadmap items to focus on improvements with the goal of making Broken Ranks more fun to spend time in. Now, they’re kicking off 2023 with anniversary events and goodies.

There are a few anniversary surprises. for all players that have logged in in the past 30 days, you'll get a free 7 Days of premium (or a 7-day premium extension). There's a special event starting today that lets you have 2 weeks to get all the rares from some of the bosses, and the “Khold Birthday” quest event.

For more, including the year in review and anniversary details, head to Broken Ranks.


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