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Broken Ranks Adding The Puppet Master Instance and New Achievement System Tomorrow

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Development on Broken Ranks continues, with Whitemoon Games following up its last update that finally added a marketplace. This time, they’re . These features continue adding content promised on the studio’s announced roadmap.

This new update will go live tomorrow and bring the Puppet Master instance. With prior higher level content adds, this one will give lower level players more to do. This new questline is aimed at level 29 and also adds four new legendary items to Broken Ranks. These are lootable from the boss, so you may want to give things a try a few times. 

Before you get to the Puppet Master though, you'll have to take on the quest that explains the background of what's going on, the mysterious experiments happening, murders, disappearances, and dark rumors. When you get through the cursed forest in order to find the lair of the Puppet Master, you'll have to take on its minions and then the Puppet Master himself. 

There’s also a continuation of the Ars Moriendi questline that continues telling the story behind the Castle Spector. This will be for those double 40 + above who have completed part 1 of the quest. If you haven't completed any part of the quest yet, you'll be able to start the whole thing.

This update also adds the first part of the achievement system which they will continue adding to. The first batch of 200 achievements include some for maximum upgrades, killing a number of bosses, looting a lot of items, and other things like creating flasks or a number of other ways to earn achievements in the first batch.

You can find all the update details over at Broken Ranks


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