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Broken Ranks 2022 Roadmap Will Add Several Instances, New System, Events, and More Quests

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The team at Whitemoon Games has published a 2022 roadmap for Broken Ranks. The roadmap for the different take on MMOs stretches through the year and plans for everything from new quest content, several instances, events, skins,  PVP tournaments and more.

The plans coming soon are a little more detailed since they are rolling out starting this month and for the rest of the first quarter. This month we should see guild land, a new quest for the Bear Boss instance, which is targeted at about level 40, new elements for female avatars, a new premium skin set for majors, and a rebalance to the system for crafting upgrade flasks.

There will also be content additions that include a sidequest for a level 75 called Life’s a Dream. Another sidequest for level 83 called Shadows of the Past, will be added too. All this in addition to regular maintenance and fixes, as well as addressing things that come up during these updates.

Second quarter should see a spring event called the Bunny Marathon along with Easter skins and new sidequests. Later in the spring, we should see New instances for level 30 and 40. The Puppet Master boss instance will be for around level 30 along with an instance quest and part one of the new achievement system. A castle Specter boss instance for level 40 is also coming along with an instance quest. 

Later in the year, things like additional arena and PVP tournaments, endgame level boss instances, new weapon skins and guild system, along with a rework of guild mechanics, guild wars, more in-game events, and eventually more boss instances and story continuation.

You can view the roadmap over at the Broken Ranks site. Since some of this is dated for this month, more should be revealed about those features soon. The further-off goals are, as the team advises, the stuff most prone to being altered or moved.


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