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Bringing Down a Keepstar-Class Citadel Could Cost Pandemic Horde $1M

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EVE Online players are massing for what appears to be the most costly, if not the largest, space battle in the game's history. Over the course of the past two weeks, The Imperium has been assaulting Pandemic Horde's Keepstar-class Citadel, the largest single structure that players can own. As of today, the Keepstar is in serious trouble and, if destroyed, it could cost players over a million dollars in in-game items.

Several years ago, the Clusterfuck Coalition took on the N3 Coalition with over 7500 pilots taking place. The total destruction amount of that epic battle fell in the range of $300,000 total. 

The pending attack will dwarf that amount and see many of the same players taking part. The Pandemic Horde was formed from the remains of the N3 Coalition, while The Imperium was formed by the former leaders of the Goonswarm Federation that led the Clusterfuck Coalition.

As reported by Kotaku, The Imperium is bringing 250 Titan vessels to the fight along with thousands of normal Citadel ships and even more smaller ships. Opposing forces in the Pandemic Horde is reportedly maneuvering 650 Electronic Countermeasure Battleships among thousands of lesser ships. Thousands of players are already logged into the contested zone with thousands more waiting for a call.

You can check out this EVE Online Reddit thread for links to Twitch broadcasts of the event from players on both sides along with spectators providing commentary.


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