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Brimstone Sands Arrives in New World on October 18th

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Amazon has a new deep dive into the making of the upcoming Brimstone Sands update for New World, which will be out on October 18th.

The update, which has been in testing over on the PTR for several weeks, will finally move to bring the huge new zone of Brimstone Sands to the game, along with  a new expedition, a new weapon, the Greatsword, the new Heartgem rune system, and an all new, revamped starting experience.

New World has seen population growth alongside some capacity boosts for existing servers ahead of the coming update. With this, came the opening of a handful of new servers across several different regions. Now we know just when the update will arrive.

The Amazon Games team published an inside look at the development of the new update, including the new zone and its lore. First off, when you see any of the desert zone locations or released images so far, you should notice some trends in terms of influence.

“We wanted an early Egyptian civilization and agreed that an amazing character like Imhotep would be the perfect choice for a prominent character. The zone tells the story of his arrival and the Egyptians’ interactions with the Ancients. We also wanted an era dominated by the Romans, so we incorporated figures from the time of Julius Caesar.”

Designer Aaron de Orive also mentions that the story in this new update will also go into the “tragedy that befell both of those civilizations”.

That’s the lore background and development inspiration, but once that was decided, they needed to fill in some gaps. I'm the scenes look goes into how the team also developed the ancient glyphs you'll find in the update, in addition to what inspired some of the jumping puzzles (Now we know we can expect some jumping puzzles), as well as the mythology. 

And then there’s the sandworm. Expect a large scale experience.

For more on the deep dive into all kinds of experiences the team had in creating the Brimstone Sands update, read the full feature over at New World. 


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