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Brewfest Returns to World of Warcraft, With New Dragonflight Event Content This Year

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Brewfest is back in World of Warcraft, this time with new event content from Dragonflight for the first time. The event is live today through October 6th and you can take part for some fun activities and prizes.

Brewfest is all about eating, drinking, and celebrating the season. This is the first time the festival is being held since the Dragonflight expansion’s launch. If you’ve been hanging out in the Dragon Isles for a while, now you can join the annual celebration from there too, complete with new items.

You can take part in Ironforge and Orgrimmar as well, but the new and shiny will be in the Dragon Isles. Head to Valdrakken to start celebrating, and begin collecting Brewfest tokens by visiting all 12 taverns. Take on a couple of new event quests too. One of the new event quests even features dragonriding, so hopefully you’ve practiced recently. That quest, Bubbling Brews will see you right in the skies above the Artisan’s Market in Valdrakken collecting enough bubbles to fill a barrel. Barreling Down is another new quest where you’ll have to roll barrels around to the Artisan’s Market. 

Daily, you’ll get a chance to get a Brewfest Armor customization for the Renewed Proto-Drake. Among the new rewards are the Brew Barrel toy and the Orange Brewfest Bulwark Shield.

If you’re a Brewfest vet, you’ll be able to take part in each location and maybe even walk away with some new celebratory souvenirs. Among them are the Great Brewfest Kodo mount, and three themed pets, including the appropriately colored Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm. Make a fashion statement with the Garland of Grain, Which is decorated with a golden pretzel.

There are a number of achievements you can complete or finish, including several that are new this year and Dragonflight related. 

You can also celebrate the event in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, in a slightly different version, including exclusive achievements only in WoW Classic.

Head over to World of Warcraft for the full event announcement. 


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