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Breeland Given High-Level Polish, Work on Ered Luin Begins

Catherine Daro Posted:
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Matt Elliott has posted a new blog on the Lord of the Rings Online forum to inform readers that he and his team have started working on a variety of polish passes over some of the game's oldest areas. Breeland has been updated with "newer, better looking textures", new waterways and polished water materials alongside more detailed assets being used for trees and "a few small surprises...to keep things interesting".

In addition, work has started on updating Ered Luin. This includes "the process of recomposing the look of the mountains surrounding the playable areas" to bring up to current standards.

The plan going forward is to continue to look at older regions to "see where we can spruce things up with a fresh coat of paint" as time allows.

Read the full post on the Lord of the Rings Online forum.


Catherine Daro