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Breach Taking a Bit of Extra Time in Internal Testing, May Invite Non-NDA Players in Mid-October

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The Breach Steam page has been updated with a note to the excited community that is clamoring to get into the game to try it out. The team is looking at more time in internal and NDA testing before the game will be ready to invite non-NDA players in for a try. The anticipated goal is mid-October, though a more precise date will come over the intervening days and weeks.

The news was delivered in a trio of points:

The “Oh darn!” Flavor: We are slowly ramping up testing under NDA, via invited co-developers only at this time. It’s going to be a little longer until we start letting the general public in to play the game, even under NDA, in October. 

The “Good” Flavor: This extra development time is allowing us to make the Technical Alpha client more stable and even push out a new build for that upcoming non-NDA testing period. 

The “Great” Flavor: If everything comes together in the way we hope, not only will the first non-NDA folks get a key to play around Mid-October, but we’ll also allow everyone to stream it right away via Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, or anywhere else, as well as capture content for whatever your choice of platform may be.

Read the full post, including additional information on these three points, by visiting the Breach Steam page.


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