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Brawler And Legendary Item Revamp Coming To LotRO Preview Server This Week

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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If you've been eager to finally see what the team at Standing Stone Games had in store for both its first new class in years as well as the much anticipated legendary item revamp, this is a good week to be a Lord of the Rings Online player then. Both will be available to check out starting Wednesday on the Bullroarer test server this week.

Both have been a long time coming, with the legendary item revamp being teased for what seems like years now. However, the team is starting to put the finishing touches on the item overhaul, bringing it public for the first time since the LI revamp was even broached by the LotRO team. 

Additionally, the newest class to come to The Lord of the Rings Online since the Beorning released back in 2014, the Brawler, will also be testable starting on Wednesday on the public test server. The Brawler class is releasing in LotRO ahead of the upcoming Gundabad expansion (which is slated for this year still), with the class set to be a DPS/Tank hybrid according to Rob Ciccolini, executive producer of The Lord of the Rings Online in an interview with us earlier this year. According to Rob the class takes inspiration from the Dwarves and their lore, especially drawing upon the legend of Thorin Oakenshield himself. 

You'll actually be able to see the two additions in action a day ahead of time as the team is opening the Bullroarer server up to content creators a day early for previews. Be sure to follow your favorite LotRO creator to get a sneak peak before you're able to load up the test realm on Wednesday. 


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