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Bounty Hunters See Boosted XP and Payouts in Red Dead Online

Plus discounts and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you’re bounty hunter in Red Dead Online, your payouts and rewards are about to get sweeter this week.

To start, Bounty Hunters will receive boosted RDO$ and Role XP on all Legendary Bounties. This means you’ll get double money on all Prestigious Legendary Bounties, and a 50% RDO$ bonus on all the original 10 Legendary Bounties.

You’ll also experience a reward for 1,000 Bounty Hunter XP, and 100 rounds of Express Repeater Ammo, for all players. Discounts for bounty hunters include 5 Gold Bars off the Bounty Hunter License and the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License, 50% off all Bounty Hunter Outfits and Emotes, and 30% off all Bounty Hunter Weapon Variants, and Bounty Wagon Tints.

Weapon discounts include 30% off the Schofield Revolver, Bolt-Action Rifle and all Repeaters. Finally, Prime Gaming Benefits include a free Bounty Hunter License and a Free Ability Card Upgrade, an Award for the Trimmed Amethyst Bounty Wagon Livery, and an Offer for 50% off a Weapon Pamphlet at the Fence.


Poorna Shankar