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Both Love and War are Waiting for You in this Latest RuneScape Update

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Runescape's latest update is now live and it begins the War’s Reckoning event, as well as the Valentine's Day celebration, and preparation for the upcoming double XP event.

War’s Reckoning is approaching and this event has some twists. There are abominations coming on February 28th, but first it’s time to prepare for their arrival. From February 7th through February 28th, you can get ready for the abominations to crawl out. Meet with War at War's Retreat and he will send you out to fight in his name with some twists and bonuses.

One of the most notable bonuses is safe deaths. Instead of just a free death bonus,  the safe death bonus lets you respawn with all of your items. no need to reclaim them. This will let those eligible for the perk go into battle without having to worry too much about the outcome. Most of these bonuses are available to players, with some restrictions to members-only and excluded for some Ironmen. Safe deaths, for example, are restricted to members that are not Hardcore Ironmen.

There are also double Slayer and  Reaper points, A reduced cooldown for Marks of War and invention drain rate. Both are cut by 50%. You'll also have better luck on the Rare Drop Table, and a 50% increase in Slayer XP from tasks outside of double XP days). There are Elder Overlord Golems at War’s Retreat too. 

If Valentine’s Day is more your speed, take part in the Valentine’s Treasure Hunter event from February 10-14th. Returning from 2016 is the potential prize of the Sceptre of Enchantment, which is now tradeable until used. Oil of Enchantment is a charge for the Sceptre. Using the Sceptre will get you a 4% XP boost and 24 hours of the Bonfire HP boost, and for those around you, a 2% XP boost and two hours of Bonfire boost. There are additional Prices Euclid obtain including a heart balloon, bunch of flowers, lovers or haters medallions, the goblin Butler pet, some titles, dances, And even emotes.

For the full rundown on all things Valentine’s Day and War’s Reckoning preparation, along with  some housekeeping changes, see the full update over at RuneScape.


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