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Bossa Studios Working to Improve Early Experience to Prevent Griefing

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Bossa Studios has published a new developer blog to address a growing community concern with griefing. "At what point does conflict-by-design become griefing" is the central point of the article. Developers admit that it is a problem at the moment, particularly in the early game, but that the game is a community-driven project that has just entered early access with a great deal of change incoming.

At this point, devs believe that mid-level PvP is working well, but that the "onboarding experience" is something that needs work to ensure players move beyond the initial biome.

While mid-level PvP (i.e once you’ve managed to progress past the initial Biome) is working well, it’s apparent that some players are struggling to reach this point, due to a minority of more advanced players returning to the beginner’s zone for, let’s say, some “easy pickings”. This pretty much exemplifies the difference between PvP and griefing; one is a fair fight between two similarly levelled players. The other, a completely unbalanced slaughter, whereby one player has little to no chance of defending themselves.

And so, we’re looking to improve this onboarding experience in a number of ways to ensure players have the best introduction to the world possible, and a better chance of progressing past the first zone. The team are working hard to implement these changes as soon as possible, but in the meantime, we’d strongly suggest visiting the official Worlds Adrift forums, where you can you recruit crews, learn tips and tricks, and chat with the community!

Devs are looking for community feedback on the issue, so head to the Worlds Adrift forum to see what is being suggested.


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