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Bossa Studios Celebrates the Even Balance of PvP and PvE Servers

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When Worlds Adrift first launched into EA, many in the community couldn't get past the initial stage of the game due to rampant PvP. When the community cried foul, the team said that this type of gameplay was one of their core pillars and that things wouldn't be changing any time soon. However, in a new video podcast simply called "WE WERE WRONG", the team backtracks on that "pillar" and that holding "back PvE and PvP for so long" was a bad decision.

Earlier this fall, PvE servers launched and now the community seems to be, at least according to the dev team, running about even in terms of population, a clear sign that the community is supportive of the decision. "Areas are pretty packed and respawn lightning has been patched to alleviate resource-starved islands". 

Give the podcast a listen and see what you think. Have you been playing Worlds Adrift.


Suzie Ford

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