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Borderlands 3 Aims to Blend Social, Streaming & Accessibility Features

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Over this past weekend, Gearbox Software was on hand during Guardian Con to talk about its triple strand combination of social, streaming and accessibility features. Gearbox is aiming to let players take part in Borderlands 3 in brand new ways.


  • Free-for-All Dueling in 1v1v1 competitive multiplayer matches
  • Discord integration
  • activity group-based matchmaking
  • asynchronous matchmaking


  • ECHOcast Twitch extension that will allow viewers to check out a streamer's loadout and skills
  • viewers of ECHOcast will earn in-game loot just for watching
  • viewers of ECHOcast will be able to spawn events in streamers' games


  • fully remappable controls on console and PC
  • full Xbox Adaptic Controller support and compatibility
  • headbob, automantling, and aim assist options will be toggleable
  • extensive closed captioning options with adjustable size and opacity
  • "deep considerations for color blindness"

Ping System

Most exciting of all, Gearbox unveiled a new pinging system that allows you to quickly and effectively communicate with your co-op partners without speaking. If you ping enemies, loot chests, guns, or other key points of interest in the game world, those interest points are highlighted in-world and on the mini-map for all players to see, and your character fires off a contextually relevant VO line.

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