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Boomsday Project Expansion Blasts Its Way to Players Everywhere

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Blizzard has sent word that Hearthstone has been updated with the Boomsday Project expansion. Players will find 135 "explosive" new cards and "electrifying" new gameplay mechanics to master. Players are invited to try out Boomsday Project by logging in to receive three free packs of expansion cards and one Legendary class minion or Hero card. 

No project is deemed too difficult (or too dangerous) for Dr. Boom and his colorful team of scientists, engineers, and researchers. In The Boomsday Project, players will encounter raw, unfiltered science in the form of irresponsibly powerful Omega cards, which become incredibly potent when played at 10 mana crystals. They’ll also be inexplicably attracted to the newMagnetic keyword, which allows Mech minions to merge, combining their attack, health, and abilities to form mind-blowing amalgamations of doom. In addition, unwilling participants will be subjected to Projects, maniacal spells that appear to be mutually beneficial to both parties. And players will surely handle the immensely powerful new Legendary Spells, representing the pinnacle of scientific achievement, in a proper and responsible manner.

In two weeks solo players will be able to check out The Puzzle Lab, the single-player experience, where they will face a series of puzzles to solve and impress Dr. Boom.

Learn more about the Boomsday Project on the Hearthstone site.


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