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Book Of Travels Welcomes Players To Test New Combat System 

Victoria Rose Posted:
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Players can test the new combat system in Book of Travels on a testing branch of the game, per a new blog by Might and Delight. 

Book of Travels isn’t exactly the most combat-heavy game by design, choosing to focus on adventuring, survival, storytelling, and small-group travel. However, Might and Delight aims to fix this with a full overhaul of the system, which is in testing right now. 

“Our goal is to create a new system that is scalable, and where we can easily introduce new types of enemies, weapons, skills, and add new multiplayer features,” the team explains on the accompanying blog. 

Upon entering combat with the “Battle Stance” toggle, players are given a grace period through a universal “Tension meter,” during which anyone can flee if they wish. 

Then, a unique new feature pops up: A “Sequencer,” in which the sequence of combat is determined and displayed by scroll speed in real time based on each combatant’s Speed statistic. All combatants are given a Decision Phase and an Action Phase; during the former, actions are lined up, and the latter is fittingly when these are executed. 

Intertwined with these overhauled basics are some new quirks. For example, if your character is attacked while they’re in the Action Phase, all planned actions are canceled, though a Defend skill will reduce damage and give a small advantage in the next Decision Phase. The game also provides a set of possible Actions with perks and drawbacks based on this new system, plus one long-ranged attack for this particular preview period. 

The blog also promises more features for the updated combat system, including loot, more skills, a tutorial, and boss fights. Players are asked to keep in mind that the display and graphics are being polished, so these aren’t particularly final in “presentation and placement.” 

Any player who wishes to join the testing period can do so by accessing another version of the game, the instructions for which are listed on the blog itself. The developers also welcome players to take a direct feedback survey. 

Book of Travels is currently in a long-term Early Access period, which began in August 2021. 


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