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Book of Travels to Get Two New Features , as Smaller Might and Delight Reinforces Commitment to Development

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The Might and Delight team is now a much smaller group, but development on Book of Travels continues. In a new update, while acknowledging the  "challenging hardships" of 2021, including the unfortunate need to lay off over ? of its staff,  the update covers new features planned for release soon and reinforces the studio’s commitment.

Two features that they are talking about for the near future are additional levels to explore, including a mountainous forest in the west and an underground area they are calling The Underbelly. The latter is designed for those who want to be able to explore and get lost in, so despite the troubles and the smaller team, this feature is already in the works and they hope to release it soon. The other feature that will be coming soon are new character customization options, with hair, color, and more to change up your characters’ look.

In this update, the team does reinforce the idea that they're not going to give up or change their Ambitions or roadmap for what they promised. "Everything that we've confirmed we are going to do is still on the table," they state, further reinforcing that just because the team has shrunk, they're not going to be "shrinking our ambitions for Book of Travels”.

Apart from those two features, the overall update does look to reassure the community that even with the difficulties that resulted in a much smaller team, things are still happening. In a segment on bug fixes, they emphasize that fixing the game and creating new content are simultaneously being worked on.

After the last update notifying the community about needing to downsize, they decided to start offering what they call a Cup of Kindness via Steam for $1.99 that gets you an in-game item, but is otherwise a small contribution to development. They recently announced that over 1,000 had been sold. 

Head here to read the new update on Book of Travels.


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