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Book of Travels Shows New Character Customization Options, Team Plans for Price Increases With Major Updates

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Creating your character is always a key part of the starting experience. Might and Delight has just released a new video showing off Book of Travels character creation process, including some of the changes and additions the team has added.

Being in Early Access and still under active development, Book of Travels continues getting updates and improvements. The character creation system is no different. Now you will be able to not only create the Traveler you want to play, choose what form you want for them, skill and which traits should be in focus, but you can change their appearance in several new ways.

The team has added height options, new hairstyles and colors, and skin and eye color options too. Then, when you’re done customizing your character, you can use the new 3D view option to see just how your Traveler looks in the game. You can also access these option tabs in your character sheet and switch views as you want to. While these are the options added in the last update, they continue to work on more customization choices, including style options. 

Book of Travels is also marking its first anniversary in Early Access with the team’s reflections on just how their good launch gave way to a deep understanding that there were bugs to fix, but more importantly, a need to have the right team for the type of game this is.

“We essentially took the team that had made the very successful single player focussed Shelter series and asked them to deliver a multiplayer experience. It became clear, and was poorly communicated at the time, that we needed to reassess the team and hire different competencies.” 

With this, they’ve changed the team as well as renewed focus on the four pillars integral to development of this MMO-Lite: “Survival, Exploration, Trading and Mystery”, with future content, especially when it’s time for DLCs, touching on all four, even if the core is just one of them. They’ve also revealed a plan for price increases, given their plan to increase capacity and resources with big content updates.

“To this end, the overall price of the game will increase as and when more content is added, the first of which is expected mid-November.”

Read the full anniversary post here at the Book of Travels Steam page.


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