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Book of Travels' Promised Combat Rework is Here

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Might and Delight promised a combat rework for Book of Travels and now it has begun rolling out with the latest update. 

Combat in Book of Travels has been completely reworked, including a completely new gameplay system, new visuals, sound effects, and animations. The Duelist Warden in Bat Saha will not lead a new interactive tutorial to get you started in the new system. They’ve added 10 new combat events, duels, and  added loot from combat encounters.  participating in multiplayer battles is also easier to get into, and if you faint in a multiplayer bottle, if you have allies still standing and they win they can help you back up after their victory and you won't lose a life petal for taking the risk. 

All events that feature combat are using the new system, but some of the changes are rolling out a little more gradually. The existing combat skills are not in the new system yet, so all you can do in the game for now is sword fighting. You can even go ahead and unequip stuff that isn’t working right now while they get those integrated. Another temporary change is some of the non-humanoid creatures that you can fight are completely disabled right now for technical reasons, but those are expected to be back up quickly. 

The update follows testing on the preview server and feedback from the community. The team directly addresses some of the changes that they made in response to feedback, such as lengthening the defense skill,  being able to see your allies and enemies stats while you're in combat, and easier targeting.

Overall, the team considers the combat rework to be a work in progress, so we can expect more changes, but it seems the bones of the promised changes are there, so they’re looking for more feedback as they continue to update the changes on live.


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