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Book of Travels Gives All An Anniversary Gift, and a New Update is Full of Improvements

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Book of Travels has a new update full of improvements, and the Might and Delight team has a digital gift to mark a year of Early Access. 

After a year that featured studio downsizing and a reflection that made them reconsider team composition and new efforts to find the right people to make Book of Travels what it needs to be, they’re thanking everyone for the support. There’s a free downloadable pack of digital gifts, from art, to a time lapse video of painting, a new updated map of Braided Shore, and two songs from the soundtrack. 

When releasing this pack, the team noted that “even though there's been bumps in the road we are still fully committed to making Book of Travels the best game that it can be”. 

Today’s new update is one that’s all about improvements. There are a number of bug fixes and improvement tweaks that should be helpful for the experience. Trading errors that made items disappear are fixed, and stacks of 99x will be on individual new trading slots to help streamline the process. Among the other fixes came for bugs that affected the environment, quests, one that was making NPCs to be highlighted when they actually didn't have interactions available, and an annoying bug that was making you walk out of camera view. 

Changes focus on  improvements. Although there have been 44 new achievements added for your journeys. Characters will also now be visible on the character select screen, which is a change the team has mentioned working towards. The weather is now in winter time and weather changes have adjusted frequency. 

From the new fisher that gives you a small gift when you start, to a new randomization die roll option on character creator screens, to improvements that make the wet effect work as intended, these are all improvements that will make things more welcoming and fluid.

Read the full notes over at the Book of Travels Steam page.


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