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Book of Travels Gets a Tech Blog, Which Informs Some About What's Been Happening in Development

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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With development focused on improvements and things like stabilization, the Might and Delight team working on Book of Travels has published a brand new tech blog. This is a different kind of devblog that is exactly what it says, a tech blog. “Tech Blog 1”, so there may even be more of these.

This blog is exactly what it sounds like. COO Joe Grant described the idea of wanting to be able to keep the community updated on progress being made on Book of Travels “ whilst we are not “publically commenting on progress”. If that sounds like a challenge, it certainly seems like one that they accepted. The new tech blog is…a tech blog, full of code and jargon and notes on technical updates. This is how they sorted it out:

“Our last few community updates we talked about how we were rebuilding tech and changing some of the ways we work. To that end we are looking at sharing our “change management” which lists what is happening when. This can be very technical and makes no sense to the average player, but we know some of you understand and that you also discuss these things in the open. Therefore we are going to share this with you…. Our first share of the last few weeks of new tech work is “sanitised” meaning we removed who did what and when they did it. For those who “know” this is git comment output to a Slack channel.

We will not be providing information on individual elements at this time.”

So if you understand what a bunch of commands and build directions mean, this is your chance to be more informed than many others on what has been happening on Book of Travels. Maybe to also share just what these improvements might even look like or how they’ll work. 

If you’re up for it, head to the tech blog here.


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