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Book of Travels Gets a Series of fixes to Combat Bugs, UI Issues, Event Triggers, and More

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Might and Delight is following through with its pledge to focus on improving Book of Travels and dedicating all development effort towards that work for the time being. A new patch arrives tomorrow with a series of fixes from combat bugs, UI issues, and event triggers.

In the update, players will find that their emotes should be working properly, as a strange bug that caused the top half of emotes to disappear is fixed. There are fixes to several issues impacting trading. One fix applies to a bug where Shift + click and Ctrl + click would accidentally cancel trades. Merchant inventories will also stay put when you move items to and from the receive box. The pages will no longer shift. Some trade bugs caused items duplication, where those duped items would cause strange additional errors, like clicking on one item removing all same-named items from the player inventory. Stacked items in trade won’t be made invisible anymore when you Shift + click. And trading will now take the right item after a bug is fixed that made the trade take the first instance of an item you had more than one of in your inventory.

Combat changes will improve positioning errors that were happening in combat and affecting players being incorrectly placed, like being too far away from each other. There’s a change in rules too, where the attack counter will count up even if you’re defending. This will fix a broken dynamic that led to players being able to defeat enemies just by spamming attacks and many weaker NPCs could pile on and defeat players.

Additional fixes come to several skills, which should now work as intended.

True to the previous announcement, where the community’s preference was highly in favor of the smaller team focusing on improvements and stability, that is exactly what this new patch does. 

Read the full patch notes for  Book of Travels.


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