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Book of Travels Fixes Bugs, Adds Effects to Traits, and Stops NPCs From Sliding

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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A new update for Book of Travels is out, and the Might and Delight team is holding to its promises to devote all development resources for a time to fixes and improvements.

While most of the update is concerned with fixing things, there are some new additions that will add to the experience. These mainly come in the form of tweaks. One of the important ones is server regions are now assigned according to local time zone by default. This should put players in the better-performing regions too. 

Other changes added some gameplay effects to traits. If you’re Observant, you’ll see collectibles glimmer more often. If your character is Learned, you’ll still retain some progress on skills you hone even after you unlearn them. Tough players get more stamina. Restrained players will get a chance of retaining some reagents when brewing teas of their wind affinity, while Focused players will simply just brew tea faster.

There are new popup confirmations that tell you when you apply settings or try to close the settings menu without saving. 

The list of bug fixes that the team addressed include issues  with both sometimes disappearing, players not getting correctly attached to a vehicle, and getting stuck on boats. Couple of graphical fixes were also included for vehicles, including that the train locomotive was sometimes visually in the wrong direction.

Other fixes helped with bugs related to NPC and player movement and the environment, so people will no longer get stuck after they're petting animals, and a bug that was preventing people from logging out if they didn't sit down first. Other bugs that cause menus to get stuck or parts of the HUD to disappear when opening menus are fixed, as is being able to press Tab to show the names of invisible NPCs. You’ll have to discover those ghosts’ names in another way.

You can read the full update for Book of Travels here. 


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