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Book of Travels Adds New Dungeon-esque Outmark, Fleshes Out Game World In Latest Update

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Tiny MORPG Book of Travels is giving players more areas to explore in its latest update, as the dev team details its new dungeon as well as more of the Braided Shore being fleshed out.

The new outmark, or what developer Might and Delight call its dungeons in the TMORPG, allows players to explore The Underbelly. Described as an "ancient underground area that holds many mysteries," the team is leaving it up to the players themselves to discover the outmark, as well as leaving what they might find inside a mystery as well.

Might and Delight describe the fact that they use the term "outmark" instead of "dungeon" is because they could use it to describe quite a few areas they build for The Braided Shore.

"But we're the first to admit that this isn't the most exciting of prospects, even if we all obviously also want these additions to the "overworld". That's why the second area is the one we're most happy about bringing you today! An all new outmark, which is what we call our game's basic equivalent to "dungeons". The reason that we try to avoid that word is because an outmark can be anything ranging from, indeed, a literal dungeon to building interiors and islands – but the concept is just what a seasoned RPG player would expect: an area, or level if you will, of particular note with compelling secrets to discover and gameplay challenges that goes beyond what you'd generally experience on your average everyday travels."

Also coming with the patch is a new mountain forest area that connects two of the existing parts of the MORPG's world: Charwood to the Lakatos Inlet. 

The team is promising more updates to flesh out the Braided Shore in the future as well. With the content update came a plethora of patch notes by the developer, fixing some general bugs including a fix to movement with boats as well as being magnetically attracted to teapots. 

Book of Travels is a self-described Tiny Multiplayer Online RPG by Might and Delight, and while it's been in early access for a little bit the game hasn't been without its struggles. In December the developer reportedly had to lay off many of its staff members, dwindling the team down to just ten people. However, the team has trucked on, releasing updates periodically, including two new features back in January.


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