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BoBoo Coins Introduce Bitcoin-like Mechanic that Can Yield Real World Gold

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The Tree of Life team has sent word that it is introducing a new currency called Boboo that is similar in style to the real-world Bitcoin. Players are sent out to a specific location to mine for a limited number of coins. These can be bought and sold on a marketplace, though with limited quantities, players need to be strategic about trades. Interestingly, the player who finds the most Boboo coins will receive a real life version made of solid gold.

Tree of Life is a sandbox survival MMORPG game on Steam, where the only limit is your own imagination. Every player creates an individual gaming experience based on choices throughout the adventure. In a world at war, only those who work together will make their faction stronger and allow it to thrive.

Game Features:

  • Massive Exploration: Explore beautiful lands and find the perfect spot to create your own village!
  • Be a Lord who rules large territories, manage a knight guild to protect the ToL world, or create a village of wanderers, the options are endless! From snowy fields to dry deserts, you could spend hours on end before you discover it all.
  • Survival: You are shipwrecked, hungry, and alone. You start with nothing but can make it all the way to the top. Maybe one day you could be a mighty knight or the lord of a huge castle. But beware, there are many dangers that lurk at almost every corner. 
  • Wild animals, environmental hazards, monsters, and players of enemy fractions are just some of the obstacles you will have to overcome to survive on the mysterious island of Vegonia.
  • Crafting/ Skills: Tree of Life allows you to build and craft tools, weapons, buildings and even entire castles. 
  • With the resources and treasures you can find on this strange island, you can learn how to craft not only basic tools, but acquire the skills to truly master any craftsmanship.
  • Player Based Economy: There are 21 job classes to choose from! Become a farmer and grow food for your guild, become a grand merchant and transport goods across the world, or perhaps a master of weapon creation. What will your part be in the ToL economy?

You can learn more about Tree of Life on its Steam page.


Suzie Ford

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