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Bluehole Announces Competitive PvP Survival Game

Catherine Daro Posted:
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TERA developer Bluehole Studios has announced a partnership agreement with PlayerUnknown to create a stand alone Battle Royale game called Battlegrounds. PlayerUnknown is the creator of the Battle Royale game modes for both H1Z1 and Arma 3.

Battlegrounds will feature 64 players on an island in a fight to the finish who will be tasked with finding weapons, vehicles and supplies to assist them. The last "man" standing will be eclared the winner. 

When the match starts, players have no items or weapons. To progress, they can try to commandeer a vehicle to discover a high-value location, search for weapons or employ other diversified tactics with a goal of being the last man standing. All weapons can be upgraded with attachments such as sights and suppressors and both road and off-road vehicles will be available to players.

Find out more about the game by visiting the Battlegrounds site


Catherine Daro