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Blue Protocol's Latest Tweet Introduces a QoL Feature - The 'Shortcut Ring'

Probably an Ideal Solution for Controllers

Steven Weber Posted:
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In the latest Blue Protocol tweet outlining the development of the game, a quality-of-life feature known as the “Shortcut Ring” was shown, as a way to expand quick access components during play.

The tweet below reads (google translated and parsed for clarity):

Here’s the latest development information! Introducing the "shortcut ring" this time! In addition to increasing the number (of stamps and gestures) that can be registered, we are making adjustments so that items can be registered.

Essentially this ring appears to be similar to a quick access hotbar now that items can also be registered, and not just stamps and gestures (emotes). This makes the Shortcut Ring an excellent tool for both the communication and interactive portions of the game. It also seems as though multiple ring loadouts can be swapped in and out as necessary, so having certain loadouts for specific activities may be paramount in streamlining encounters.

Bandai Namco has been trickling Blue Protocol information through tweets for several months as their Japanese Closed Beta tests are incremental and ongoing. We are still awaiting confirmation of a western release date sometime this year.  


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