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Blue Protocol Teases a New Zone - Salamzart Oasis

Slithering Salamzarts!

Steven Weber Posted:
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Blue Protocol recently teased a new zone known as the Salamzart Oasis, in a tweet showing the mountainous sand and stone region, along with one of its steely, or perhaps scaly, protectors.

In the first tweet, the rocky, deserted region looks as though the harsh conditions aren’t conducive to taking a slow, quiet stroll. With few plants, and plenty of stones to traverse, it looks like the Salamzart Oasis will have a fare share of desert danger to look forward to.

The danger itself, on the other hand, could come in many forms, one of which appears to be a bony, or scaly, snake type creature. Who knows what other monsters this oasis will house? We’ll be on the lookout and make sure to keep our eyes peeled for any more news regarding Blue Protocol’s Salamzart Oasis.

Recently Bandai Namco held a recruitment briefing as they try to bring in new talent for continued development of the game. They also had another beta event earlier this month. We are still awaiting details on a western release.


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