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Blue Protocol Shows Off Its Photo Mode In The Upcoming MMO

Take all the selfies

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Screenshots can be incredibly fulfilling and artistic to capture in video games, giving a chance to share what's happening or something beautiful with your friends whilst you play. Blue Protocol is adding a photo mode to allow even the most fledgling digital photographer create dynamic pictures...or the occasional selfie.

In the wee hours of the morning (at least here on the West coast), Blue Protocol's Twitter account showed off the feature in action, giving players a glimpse at the photo mode tool. The standard stuff is there, from a zoom, as well as the ability to change the position of the camera with the mouse itself instead of relying on sliders (thank God). 

It doesn't show off any filters or depth of field options like a bokeh effect, but you can rotate the camera to expertly recreate the feeling that your Blue Protocol  character is holding their phone over their head taking a real-life selfie. It looks too you can pop into the photo mode to take pictures of the action at any point, as evidenced by some action screenshots the team showed off in a subsequent tweet. 

Blue Protocol still doesn't have a release date for the West, so those of us on this side of the Pacific can only continue to pine for the anime-inspired MMO. Last month the team teased its latest healing NPC, and while we've been teased to some combat videos in recent months, it remains to be seen when things will open up for the Bandai Namco MMO. 


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