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Blue Protocol is Revealing New NPCs Until August 25th

Steven Weber Posted:
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It’s been a little while since anything substantial has come out of the development team behind Blue Protocol. Recently the Japanese twitter account came alive with the introduction of several characters that players will be introduced to during their journey in Blue Protocol.

Slowly, Blue Protocol has been releasing more information about the highly anticipated game slated for an initial Japanese release sometime in late 2021. While we still aren’t entirely sure when or whether the game will head to the west, we can all still get hyped on learning more about the game while we await more information. In the latest series of tweets that will run until August 25th, new characters that you’ll encounter on your journey have been introduced.

Meet Carvain, a warrior with a strict sense of honor and justice. He is the first character that was revealed back on August 19th. How or where you may meet him has yet to be revealed. The next character revealed was Charlotte. She’s a traveling entertainer with a haughty attitude.

The final character revealed so far is Dunkirk. Dunkirk is the leader of the Knights of the Principality of Bernhard. He’s respected among the townspeople and soldiers alike and is considered the strongest of the knights.

How will these characters be introduced within the game? We have yet to find out, but what we can be abundantly sure of, is that Blue Protocol will be filled with interesting adversaries, companions and townsfolk to interact with during your adventure. Check out the last State of Development stream to learn more about the classes and adjustments the team at Bandai Namco have made in their efforts to push Blue Protocol across the finish line for a 2021 release date. Of course, keep your eyes peeled for more new characters headed to the official twitter account this week. 


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