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Blue Protocol is Hosting a 'Network Test Status' Developer Livestream Next Week

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Blue Protocol, the highly anticipated anime-inspired MMORPG from Bandai Namco, has recently posted that they will be hosting a developer livestream next week. With the release of the game scheduled to happen later this year, there’s no doubt that fans of the game will want to tune in and hear about the state of development and when they can expect to get in early for testing.

In a recent tweet, the Blue Protocol team announced that the next developer livestream, #6.2, will be hosted on Tuesday, February 28, to provide further updates on the network test status, and additional information about the game. The livestream will be available with a Voiced English translation YouTube mirrored stream provided by the database.

Translated and parsed, the tweet reads:

“In order to provide further information and report on the status of network testing preparations, we will stream Blue Protocol news, Tuesday, February 28th at 5:00am CST.”

The new livestream comes just on the heels of their previous livestream that postponed the previous Japanese network test. The test was reportedly postponed due to a bug that prevented zones and channels from being created properly. The previous stream also detailed the maximum number of players for specific areas, though these population numbers are still subject to change due to the nature of testing.

translations provided by BlueProtoclDB

Recently, we reported on the monetization model of the game, reaffirming that Blue Protocol will be a free-to-play MMO. However, the article also details that the game will have microtransactions that are cosmetic, but also those that will boost the player themselves. The items could reportedly "shorten game time," according to Siliconera. Blue Protocol will also have a free and paid season pass.

The upcoming Japanese network test for Blue Protocol has already received over 50,000 applicants, indicating the high level of interest in the game. It has also been confirmed that the West would see a closed beta test this year, but no specific testing dates have been provided. You can sign up for the western beta test on the official blue protocol site.

Fans of anime MMORPGs have been eagerly anticipating the release of Blue Protocol, and with more information headed our way in a few days, we only expect that excitement for the game to grow.


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