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Blue Protocol Is Hosting A Network Test, Details Coming November 15th

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Blue Protocol is ramping up after quite a long silence from the Bandai Namco team. Since confirming the MMO was still in development a few days ago, the team has announced it will be hosting a new network test.

The team at Bandai promised a new announcement for this week, and they came through with the tease that a network test is incoming to prepare for the "launch" of Blue Protocol. This isn't the first network test the team has held, however, it is the first in quite a while, so it'll be interesting to see how much has changed and been iterated on since the last. 

However, exactly how and when the network test will take place is unknown. The tweet that announced the test for Blue Protocol also stated that more information will be available next week during a stream on November 15th at 19:00 JST (which will be 5am ET/2am PT).

Blue Protocol has been an MMO that many, especially here in the West, have kept their eyes on. Blue Protocol's developers have expressed a desire to launch the MMO globally, not just in the East, and this announcement lends credibility to the idea that we might see some sort of launch in 2023. Right now, all we know is that Blue Protocol is coming sometime after this year, with Bandai Namco seeing a restructure of how it operates.


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