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Blue Protocol Is Hosting A Developer Update On May 27th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Blue Protocol, Bandai Namco's anime-inspired MMO is gearing up for a developer update, the team announced today via Twitter. The upcoming update will take place on YouTube and will debut on May 27th.

Blue Protocol is one of the more widely anticipated MMOs coming from Japan, and while we're waitintg for an official western release date, the team behind the MMO is gearing up to detail some of the development progress thus far. Starting on May 27th at 8pm in Japan, the team will be debuting the latest in the development of Blue Protocol

Exactly what the development progress update will cover, or if we'll see anything new from the MMO isn't entirely clear, but considering it's been a few months since we've heard anything official, it's safe to say there should be some new details.

The last time we heard anything official from the studio was back in March when the team showcased the in-game photo mode, so it'll be interesting to see how Blue Protocol has progressed, as well as if there is any news on a global release. 

You can set a reminder on YouTube here, or check out the embed below. The event starts at 8pm JST on the 27th, or 7am EDT/4am PDT.


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