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Blue Protocol Introduces a Healing NPC in their Latest Update

Take it Yee-zy

Steven Weber Posted:
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Bandai Namco’s highly anticipated game Blue Protocol released a small teaser tweet that shows off a healing NPC known as “Yee”.

Yee appears as a dancing, rotund bunny creature, that will heal weary adventurers. According to the tweet from the official Blue Protocol twitter, these creatures can be found throughout The Astellies.

The tweet roughly states (tweet has been translated and parsed for clarity):

We deliver the latest development information. This time, we will introduce the healing creature “Yee” of Bull Pro! Yee is everywhere in the Astellies, so dance with them and have fun!

Closed Beta for Blue Protocol is ongoing, and information from official sources have been somewhat scarce, but we hope to see much more of the game as testing continues.


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