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Blossom & Decay, a Browser & Mobile MMO, Lands on Square Enix Collective

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Blossom & Decay is a forthcoming browser-based or mobile MMORPG that has just landed on the Square Enix Collective and that it will be promoted over the next twelve days. The game is being developed by four who quit industry jobs in order to bring their vision to life.

The game sees players arrive in "an empty, vast wilderness with no main quest or "Gandalf NPC" to guide them". Players create their own stories "through a wide set of social mechanics and external pressure from dynamic PvE". Monsters will be found everywhere, though more are usually found near settlements.

There are many levels of play, like being a hermit farmer, running with a mercenary gang, or leading a large trader clan. And the pacing is enhanced by an AI that takes over when players go offline, allowing configuration of their avatar’s tasks and behavior.  So you can go from highly involved action combat on PC to asynchronous management of crafting and trade processes with your phone. From active to casual so that time-investment doesn’t become a total advantage. 

You can learn more about Blossom & Decay on its Square Enix Collective page.


Suzie Ford

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