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Blood Knight Arrives Tomorrow in Diablo Immortal With Special Events, Elite Quest, and Transmog

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Tomorrow, the Blood Knight arrives in Diablo Immortal, the first new class since launch. Also in the update is a brand new limited time event, a new Elite quest, the final challenge of the Dread Pilgrimage event, and transmogrification.

With the arrival of the Blood Knight, the Crimson Plane limited event will open. The 15-floor gauntlet will give you a taste of what it feels like to play the new Blood Knight. When you enter, all of your usual gear, gems, and skills will be replaced by pre-selected skills for the Blood Knight. 

To get through the floors full of demonic hordes, you'll have to use those skills, any unstable gear you might find, and the Chaos Coins you get when you drain demonic blood.  Drops of unstable gear of Legendary rarity will happen, and any items that you find inside the instance will complement the Blood Knight skills that you begin with. 

It’s a fast way to jump right into the Blood Knight and see what the class is all about.  You’ll get a reward chest every five floors, and if you get through all 15 floors not only will you get a chest, you'll get a random Legendary item from the ones you collected during your run. The rewards will be for your current class, and you can take on this event once a week until the end on August 2nd. 

The final challenge of the Dread Pilgrimage event is unlocking on July 17th and it is—to complete the Crimson Plane. So if you've made it through the event so far, there's one more step to go for rewards before this event also ends on August 2nd. 

A brand new Elite quest, “Vowed in Blood”, will have you join a veteran Blood Knight to investigate a plot by the Fevered Missionaries that have appeared in Westmarch. Some discoveries and learn all about the ins and outs of the new class.

Finally, in order to support the arrival of the new class, the cooldown for class changes will be reduced through August 2nd from 7 Days down to 24 hours. There are also additional permanent changes to the class change feature that should make this process a smoother one.

Other changes include transmogrification. As long as you reach Essence Mastery level 1, you'll be able to unlock transmog, and you'll be able to use the appearance of specific legendary items, with more added over time. This content update has 126 Legendary items to transmog. 

Head over to Diablo Immortal for more details.


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