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Blizzard Worked on Dragonflight Launch Issues, and the Community Coped With Memes

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Dragonflight has launched, and with any launch, there are usually a variety of issues that we’re generally accustomed to when it comes to MMORPGs. Blizzard worked to address some of the login issues and server woes that were causing players to miss the boat or get disconnected when they actually made an attempt to get to the Dragon Isles.

Naturally, the community coped with memes, especially when it was discovered that being able to get in and catch a boat (for Alliance players) or the zeppelin (for the Horde) was one way people found themselves booted from the game.  As one player shared on Reddit: "Guys, I learned where the Dragon Isles boat is", with an image of said boat stuck in a canal.

The team did continue working on the servers and updated at 8:45 PM PST that: 

“We have resolved or minimized the initial issues that players were experiencing and many people are now leveling in the Dragon Isles. We are actively monitoring the realms while we continue to work on some issues like latency while looting”. 

A check of the realm status tracker this morning does show that everything seems to be more or less running. 

However, there is another issue that seems to be reported that has to do with people’s saved UI settings disappearing. This issue is, surprise, connected to the loading issue, since WoW community manager Kaivax confirmed that, “We’ve seen this happen to players who experienced the bad luck of getting disconnected while loading into the game. We’ve developed a hotfix for that specific scenario, and the hotfix should be coming to all realms soon”.

All in all, it’s a launch. While it does seem that the main barrier has been mostly addressed for now, and the Dragon Isles are now the site of adventure, as usual, humor and patience got the community through.


Christina Gonzalez

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