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Blizzard Wins German Lawsuit Against Bot Maker

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German site Mein-MMO.de is reporting that Blizzard has won its lawsuit agains Bossland GmbH, the maker of Honorbuddy, a bot used in World of Warcraft. Earlier court decisions that were in Bossland's favor were overturned with the decision that "distribution of bot programs for online games is anti-competitive". As a result, distribution and sales of Honorbuddy in Germany must cease. As yet, the full disclosure of the settlement has not been published.

Bossland has told its patrons that it will be moving operations outside of Germany and that no further German versions of any of their bots will be offered. In addition, Bossland told its customers that money is tight as a result of long legal battles and that "lifetime keys" for bots have been revoked and changed to a 2-year license.

Costs are increasing, development is expensive and was made more expensive since the 12 lawsuits in Germany, where Blizzard tries to abuse anything they can get hands on, by starting multiple lawsuits on yearly basis.

Adding this all up, you can see our income is limited to old one time purchases, and while it was a good business decision back in 2009, it has stopped being viable for us since 2014. The decision however, to move forward, was taken now, in 2017.

The original site reporting the news is in German only and the translation was obtained via Google Chrome's built-in translation tool.

Source: World of Warcraft EU Community forum

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